About Us

Launch in One Day!

Get Organized

Right from the start of the day you’ll get organized to use your 12 hours wisely.

Forward Thinking

We help individuals and teams take a forward approach to figure out the key aspects that need to get started on right away to make progress.

Time Sensitive Progress

When you only have 12 hours you have to focus on getting things done!



At the end of the day you’ll have something to show for it. You’ll be able to get things started.

Our Story

Not too long ago our team was looking to launch a new project but we like to execute fast. So we spent a day getting everything up and running and we realized that we were onto something.

At that point, we made it our goal to help people across the world launch their project in one day. We’re starting locally in the USA but we already have partners ready to help projects launch everywhere in the world.

  • Strategy 90%
  • Customer Acqusition 60%
  • App Development 50%
  • Business Planning 90%