searchThe “One Day Startup” is about action to get your project started in 12 hours. The 12 hours are condensed so you can maximize your time to take the steps needed to launch.

Example Schedule: (The exact format will vary for each person depending on where they are at with their idea. The goal is to offer a general outline here and we personalize the format of the event to help you achieve the most of the idea on the day of event.)

8am: Check-in & announcements for the day. A side idea, project, product, a service you could offer or anything is possible to work on. The goal is to define what progress can be made in 1 day and address it accordingly during the day.

9am: Define your existing product, service or idea that you will work on. You can work by yourself on an idea, offer a service, bring a team or form a team or anything that could help you make forward progress. If you don’t have an idea or service you can help someone with theirs or come up with one based on your skills. Our team will be there to assist and guide you.

10am: Define your value proposition, name (this can be changed at any point) and target initial customers.

11:30am:  Define your plan to acquire customers and get launched. Where do your customer exist.

1:30pm: Take a 1-hour break to eat and get the mind sharpened for the home stretch.

2:30pm: Find potential customers or users who could test your product or help you make income in the crowd, in your Rolodex, online or anywhere you can.

4:30pm: Define a plan to scale the idea beyond today and allow you to make forward progress.

6pm: Present your idea to others in front of everyone or in small breakout groups for feedback on next steps.

7:30pm: Wrap up the day and celebrate launching your side project, idea or product. You’ve taken the first steps and will join our membership group that will continue to help each other make forward progress.